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  • Director of The Foundation for Islamic Education in Exton, Pennsylvania.

  • Professor of Islamic Studies at the American Open University, Washington D.C.




  • Ph.D. with Distinction and Honors from Ohio State University in the field of History of Islamic Jurisprudence.

  • M.A. with Distinction and Honors from Ohio State University in the field of Arabic & Islamic Studies.





  • Member of The Ohio State University Chapter of "The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi". 

  • Listed in "The International Executive Guild’s Who’s Who". Inclusion is limited to those individuals who have excelled in their occupation, industry or profession.

Mustafa A. Ahmed, Ph.D


  • Listed in "National Register's Who’s Who in Executives and Professionals". Edition of 2002. Inclusion is limited to those individuals who have reached a level of recognizable success in their respective field.

  • IVC, Citizen Diplomacy Award (Department of State), 2006


  • Member of The American Association for Advancement of Science.

  • Member of The New York Academy of Science.



  • Selected by the Department of State, among others, as an American Expert in Education and Interfaith communication, to participate in a program at the Balkan Countries from August 30th through September 7th, 2008.



  • Impact of the Historical Settings of Ibn Taymiyah on his Program of Reform (in English).

  • Narrative in the Qur’an and its Relationship to Medieval Arabic Narrative Literature (in English).

  • Shaykh-ul-Islam Taqiy-ud-din Ibn Taymiyah wa Mawqifuhu mina at-Tasawwuf (Ibn Taymiyah and His Stand on Sufism - in Arabic).

  • Qur’an and Modern Science, Correlation Studies (co-author - in English, translated into Russian).

  • Human Development as Described in the Qur’an and Sunnah: Correlation with modern Embryology (co-author - in English).

  • The Scientific Basis for Determining Qiblah Direction (in Arabic and English).

  • Tahdid awa’il ash-Shuhur al-Qamariyya: Ru’yah ‘ilmiyya shar’iyya (Determination of Lunar Calendar: Islamic Jurisprudence and Scientific Perspectives - in Arabic).

  • History of Islamic Jurisprudence and the Emergence of the Fiqhi Schools (under publication)

  • Approaches of Verifications of the Sunnah and Its Impact on the Contemporary Islamic Thought (under publication).




  • Dr. Ahmed has given presentations in international conferences on Islam and modern science and on Islamic thought in Bandung (Indonesia), Moscow, Islamabad, Derban (South Africa), Kuwait, Guyana (South America), Dakar (Senegal), and the United States; among other places.

  • He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows in the United States, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.

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