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The Foundation for Islamic Education is proud to host a weekend school. Our motto is "Building an Islamic Community One Sunday at a Time", and we strive to live up to it in every sense. Our goal is to build character and Islamic identity and to provide students with the foundational knowledge of Arabic, Qur’an, and Islamic Studies.


As students progress through the course of study, they gain Islamic knowledge, build skills in reading and understanding Qur’an as well as develop basic Arabic language comprehension.  


To meet the learning goal of each level, our curriculum addresses dynamically and progressively the needs of our students. Students receive Islamic Studies and Arabic books/handouts which they use for in-class lessons and homework. 


Exciting lessons include hands-on and one-on-one instruction and are geared toward the ability of each child. Special events, such as guest speakers and celebrations, support learning and thinking as a Muslim.


Although students will learn Arabic and Qur’an, the Weekend School program is not a “hifz” nor an Arabic-fluency program.



For more information regarding hifz and Arabic courses in our community or if you would like to register your children for the weekend school, please contact the Foundation for Islamic Education Administration office at  +1 (484) 899-9080+1  (484) 899-9080.


Due to inclement weather the Weekend School schedule is subject to change. Please call prior to coming for a visit so that we may notify you in advance of any school closures.

You can register your child in weekend school here 

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