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Your continuous support is necessary to ensure we continue to have the ability to provide all the beneficial and high quality services we offer at our facility  Each gift is essential to the annual operating budget of the foundation. Your participation is important to our success – every gift really does make a difference.


Please rest assured that any size gift, big or small, is valuable in helping the foundation. For more information please contact us.



Giving In Cash Or By Check​


Please make your check payable to The Foundation for Islamic Education. Please make sure to enclose with the gift information regarding the reason for the gift, who to acknowledge if other than the immediate donor, and donor receipt mailing information. Donation receipts are sent out to each donation paid by check or given in cash (envelope noting donor name and address).


Matching Gifts​


Donors may work for a company that provides matching gifts. Please contact the administrative office or your company’s personnel office to obtain info on your company. Send in your gift, along with the matching gift form, to the Office of Development.



Donate Online

Please use the following online payment link to make your contribution:

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