We offer a vast array of services to cover the spiritual needs of our community. Our services include offering:


  • 5 daily prayers

  • Jumu'ah (congregational) prayers starting at 1:20 PM every Friday throughout the year

  • Annual Qu'ran Recitation and Knowledge of Islam Contests

  • Marriage ceremonies and officiations

  • Social gatherings

  • Adult and family learning groups

  • Eid celebrations

  • Weekend barbecues

  • Funeral and memorial services (please see below)

  • Shahadah witnessing and new-Muslim learning


For funeral service or Jinazah prayer information or procedures please contact:

  • Br. Abdul-Majeed Alladdin     (610) 999-3754 

  • Dr. Muhammad Arshad     (215) 280-0650 

  • Dr. Mubarak Malik     (610) 527-2494

If you have suggestions for additional services that we could offer or would like to volunteer at our foundation, please feel free to contact us.