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We offer a vast array of services to cover the spiritual needs of our community. Our services include offering:

  • 5 daily prayers

  • Jumu'ah (congregational) prayers starting at 1:15 PM every Friday throughout the year

  • Dedicated prayer hall for sisters

  • Community du'a during Jumu’ah services (please submit this form)

  • Annual Qu'ran Recitation and Knowledge of Islam Contests

  • Marriage ceremonies and officiations

  • Social gatherings

  • Adult and family halaqas

  • Holy Quran & hadith tafseer and youth group sessions

  • Youth spiritual counseling

  • Community outreach & services

  • Eid celebrations

  • Weekend barbecues

  • Funeral and memorial services

  • Zakat/sadaqa & burial assistance

  • Hall rental for private events (please submit this form)

  • Shahadah witnessing and new-Muslim learning

Multi Purpose Room.png

If you have suggestions for additional services that we could offer or would like to volunteer at our foundation, please feel free to contact us.

Ladies Prayer Hall.png
Men's Prayer Hall.png
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