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1. When does registration begin?

Registration for the coming academic year begins the first Sunday of April. Class sizes are limited and space is limited.  Students are accepted upon a first come, first serve basis (application and registration fee required).



2. How do I register?

Parents can send in the registration form and fee to secure their child’s place. To register in person, please contact the weekend Islamic school (WIS) to make an appointment. 



3. How do I contact the WIS?

Please cal(484) 899-9080.



4. What are the school fees?

Please refer to our Tuition page or registration form. Fees are subject to change without notice.



5. At what age can a child attend WIS?

Students may begin their WIS education at the age of 5 years and continue until 18 years.



6. Can students begin WIS classes after the school starts?

Students can begin WIS classes at any time during the year depending on availability of space in the child’s level. Tuition is pro-rated for students starting after the first month of school.



7. When does the WIS start and end?

Please refer to our Annual Calendar.



8. When are holidays scheduled?

Please refer to our Annual Calendar.



9. What are the school hours?

Classes begin promptly at 10:30am.  Students must be in class by 10:30am. Parents may join school in Dhuhr prayer at 1:15pm in the Masjid. Students are dismissed (parent must sign out their child) after Dhuhr prayer from the lobby.



10. How is my child placed in a level?

FIE WIS evaluates each child by age and knowledge and determines the appropriate level for that child. A child’s level may change, particularly in the first few weeks of school, if the child demonstrates a different level than originally evaluated or if the WES staff find it in the best interest of the child to be moved to a different level, either up or down.



11. What curriculum is used?

For all levels Islamic Studies, Living and Learning Islam is issued to each student.  Quran is taught from the mushaf itself (no curriculum is used).  Arabic curriculum varies by level.  Currently, students are using teacher-generated handouts.



12. What is taught at WIS?

Students have four sessions each Sunday:  one session of Islamic Studies, one session of Qur’an and two sessions of Arabic. The Weekend School does not teach the full-Arabic language and is not a complete hifdh Quran program but students will be introduced to the Arabic language in order to gain a greater understanding of the Quran and Ahadith. Students will also be assisted in reading Quran, learn basic rules of tajweed and practice/memorize Quranic ayat/surahs.



13. Who teaches at FIE’s Weekend Islamic School?

Our faculty includes a team of highly knowledgeable teachers who bring a history of education and experience into the classroom. All Arabic teachers are native speakers.



14. What happens if school is cancelled (e.g. due to inclement weather)?

WIS notifies parents via text messages of any school closing announcements. 



15. Do students each lunch/snack at WIS?

Yes, students may bring their own lunch or purchase lunch (normally pizza and juice) from WIS.

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