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Announcement Regarding Recent Thunderstorm

As Salaam 'Alaikum Wa Rahmatu Allah,

This is an announcement that during the recent thunderstorms, on Tuesday, July 3rd, in the late afternoon, a dead tree located beyond the walled garden (to the left of the main building), was struck by lightening and caught fire on the FIE property.  Despite a lot of smoke, alhamdulillah, there were no injuries to people nor damages to buildings, or the surrounding properties of our neighbors.  And the tree fire was contained by the Bryn Mawr and Gladwyne Fire Departments.  We were cautioned that while the tree may continue to smolder and smoke throughout the night, the situation is safe, in-shaa’ Allah.  We will have the tree cut down in the morning, along with other trees that fell on the property, also without any damages, but are blocking passage to the main building.  


Jazaakumu Allahu khaira for your patience while we clean up the debris over the next several days.  

As salaamu 'alaikum wa rahmatu Allah,

Dr. Mustafa
Director, FIE

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